Johannesburg Radio Advertising Rates

Are you looking  for Johannesburg Radio Advertising Rates?

Well, there are many factors to consider. A radio ad is called a spot. A 30 seconds radio spot, will cost different from a 45 seconds spot. Similarly, a spot during News will differ from a spot during the rest of the day etc. So, there are many things that affect Johannesburg radio advertising rates, prices, costs and rate cards and Radio classified Advertising.

But this need not be a problem. If you work with a good Radio Ad Agency, they should get you all the prices. Our role as a leading radio advertising agency in South Africa, is to find the best radio advertising rate for you. We have the latest radio advertising rate cards, prices, costs and classified for all radio stations in South Africa. This includes online radio stations. And we keep updating our database every week, and sometimes, every day. So you can contact us for the latest Radio Advertising Rates in South Africa.

There are 290+ Radio Stations in South Africa

Which radio will work for your ad campaign?

Two factors are important. First, radio stations have different target audiences. For instance, a community radio may target a specific community, while a national radio may have a broader target. Secondly, South Africa radio advertising rates do differ. So getting to reach your target audience, at the best advertising rate, should be your goal. Luckily, you can meet this goal here.

As a leading radio advertising agency in South Africa, we have access to all the radio advertisement rate cards in the country. We also know the target group of each radio station. Talk to us, therefore, if you need help on choosing the best radio station to advertise on. 

Why should you advertise on radio?

There are many reasons why…

First, radio targets a specific audience. One radio for instance may talk to a particular religious group. Another may talk to a particular age group etc. This makes it easy for you to select a radio that talks to your target group.

Secondly, your radio ad is likely to be listened  repeatedly. This is because most radio listeners are loyal listeners. They will not switch stations during commercial breaks. This will give your ad a lot of exposure in a week. Which is good for you ad campaign.

Third, at a very good advertising cost, your ad may get to be endorsed by  big radio presenters. This makes radio advertising a lot cheaper than hiring a celebrity to push your brand.

Advertising on Radio. What to expect from us...

Radio advertising costs

Primarily, our first role is to help you choose the right radio station for your ad campaign. Our second role is to help you buy the best spot for your ad, at the best advertising rate. Last, but not least, we strive to air your ad without any delays. It is our objective to get your ad broadcasted in the shortest time possible, so as to meet your deadlines. So call us, if you need help with radio advertisement in South Africa.