SA Billboard Advertising Rates with Outdoor, SA Billboard Advertising Rate Cards, Costs and Prices

SA Billboard Advertising Rates

Are you looking for SA Billboard Advertising Rates?

Well, there are many things to consider. For instance, advertising on a giant billboard at the airport costs more than advertising on a smaller billboard on a less busy road. Similarly, the cost of SA Billboard outdoor advertising on a busy intersection will differ from that of advertising on a small lane in a residential area. Therefore, SA Billboard Advertising Rates, prices, costs, rate cards  are not uniform but will vary from one case to another.

But this should not be a problem. If you work with a good ad agency, they should get you all the prices. One of our roles as a leading billboard advertising agency in South Africa is to find the best billboard advertising rates for you. We have the latest advertising rate cards for all billboards in South Africa. Moreover, we update our database every week, if not every day. Therefore, we can get you the latest ad rates.

There are thousands of billboards in South Africa. How do you choose the right one for your ad campaign?

Three factors are as important. First, billboards have different visibility. For instance, a billboard in a busy road intersection will be seen by a lot more people than one on a less busy road. Secondly, the billboard location will determine who sees it. If you are targeting a particular community, you have to select a location where that community lives. Last, but importantly, SA Billboard Advertising Rates will vary from time to timeSo your goal should be, to reach your target audience, at the best billboard advertising rate. The good news is, we have done most of the work already, and you can therefore meet this goal here.

As a leading billboard advertising agency in South Africa, we have access to all the billboard advertisement rate cards in the country. We also know the traffic, and address of each billboard. Therefore, if you need help choosing the best billboard to advertise on, talk to us.

Why should you advertise on billboards? There are many reasons…

  1. Billboards help build brand awareness. Because they are always visible, people passing by will always see your ad. This is good for increasing brand awareness.
  2. Billboards can be good tools for target advertising. You can decide to target a particular community by using SA Billboard Outdoor Advertising right where the community lives. With billboard advertising, there is almost 100% certainty that your target viewers will see the ad.
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Advertising on Billboards in South Africa. What to expect from us…

Primarily, our first role is to help you choose the right billboard for your ad campaign. Our second role is to help you buy the space at the best SA Billboard Advertising rate, prices . Last, but not least, we strive to get your ad mounted without any delays. It is our objective to get your ad onto the billboard in the shortest time possible, so as to meet your deadlines. Further, if you need help to create the actual ad, our graphic design team can help. So call us, if you need help with billboard advertisement in South Africa.