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Wall Mural advertising is an outdoor advertising. It consists of posters, billboards, electrical displays, and Township wall murals advertising. Mural advertising is a creative take on outdoor advertising. Advertising murals are large scale eye-catching paintings that are manually applied to city walls and buildings. Most advertising murals involve a street artist who is hired to design and hand paint the mural onto a building. As media planners, we can assist with the wall murals advertising prices, costs and rates. And feel free to consult Leo Five Media.

we believe wall murals are very essential: they attract customers, express your business’s brand and so consult Leo Five Media for more information.

But what is the cost?

The cost of mural painting largely depends on its size and whether it’s to be positioned indoors or outside. These factors can directly influence the choice and cost of materials. Mural painting costs also vary according to how much experience the artist has and the style of your mural.

How can murals become an effective way of conveying a serious message?

Mural has their particular way to tell stories, beliefs, and ideas or convey the truth which a painter-constructor tries to let the viewers understand. Accordingly, murals in many temples containing both visual and literal languages are a medium to express ideas or to tell stories effectively.

For more information on prices, and rates for wall mural advertising, feel free to contact us

Pricing will vary depending on location, size, and design, and any other stipulations the property owners specify.

Benefits of investing in Wall Murals advertising for your business

Make a great first impression: Whether graphic or text-based, a mural will grab a person’s attention and hold it when they first walk into the room. Murals are excellent for creating that “wow” first impression.

Memorable information presentation: Whether you are a restaurant owner posting a menu, a tech firm listing your services, or simply using murals as wall art in the lobby, murals are great ways of creatively presenting the information. Team murals across your premises to subtly create a sense of urgency and drive buying decisions.

Murals are to beautify public or private spaces. However, wall murals advertising has also become a medium for political or social commentary over time.

Then there are other Township wall murals in South Africa

These are some of the reasons you should use Township wall murals advertising.

  • Capture Attention

Firstly, Township Wall Murals capture the attention of pedestrians and commuters so it’s very hard for them to go unnoticed. Secondly, they are usually very aesthetically pleasing so people often enjoy reading and staring at them. Wall Murals also add charm, character, and beauty to neighborhoods and often become points of interest where commuters use them to identify locations, places, or destination drop-offs. Consumer brands can use murals to express themselves in a fun and artistic way that will stick out in people’s minds.

  • Cost Effective

Wall murals can often be more cost-effective than most other outdoor advertising media as they often can remain visible on the same site for years thus creating long-term brand visibility. Lower production costs also allow brand exposure at multiple locations at a fraction of the normal.