Street pole advertising with advertising rates, costs, prices, rate cards, options, and classified ads

Street poles advertising

It’s very important to note that street pole ads differ in size, design, and placement. These differences impact their street poles advertising costs, prices, rates, contact details, and effectiveness in attracting people who pass by them regularly in public places such as highways or urban areas. There are different types of street pole ads like lamp pole banners, electricity Pole Ads, and street pole LED Displays we offer. Therefore, you can consult Leo Five Media

Street pole ads are unique because they use an existing street pole for advertising your business. These ads can be used for many different purposes, including helping in promoting the products and services of your company and street poles provide our clients with the most effective way of advertising in terms of cost and Return on Investment.

Ways that street pole ad can help grow your business

  • Street pole ads offer targeted, strategic marketing with the highest reach and awareness around. Feel free to consult Leo five media for the right street poles advertising costs, prices, rates, and contact details
  • Reach and Awareness. Street pole ads have the highest recall of any outdoor advertising medium, ensuring that your business and brand remain front of mind with potential clients.
  • Cost-Effective. If one compares the cost of street pole ads to television, radio, and print advertising on a cost-per-thousand basis, it is clear that  Ad campaign offers the greatest value for money. Further, you can spend money strategically, ensuring that the right people see your campaign at the right time.

The benefits of street ad for business

  • Street pole ad is a great way to get your business’s name out there and in front of potential customers.
  • Easy Promotion. This type of advertising can promote your products, services, and special offers like discounts. You may also use Street pole ads to promote events or activities that benefit your business.
  • Better Reach. Street pole ads are more visible than other advertising options. They are in the public eye and are constantly viewed by pedestrians and people traveling in cars, trucks, and other vehicles. When you place your street pole ads on the curb or a utility pole, you can expect high visibility for your brand.
  • Targeted Audience. You can even target a particular audience demographic via street pole ads.

why street pole ads are so important?

  • Street pole ads are ideal for getting your brand noticed.
  • Ensure low-cost advertising with better Return on Investment.
  • Provide facilitation in advertising your business close to the point of purchase.
  • Offer a good reach and awareness with high frequency and repetition.

Finally, street pole advertising has a ideal for reaching more audiences, building brand awareness, promoting your offerings, and saving capital spending on other expensive marketing mediums. If you’re planning to add street pole marketing and revamp your sales, then contact Leo Five Media.